Antigua is well-known for its beautiful sandy beaches and is a historical site with many old buildings still intact and traces of slavery still exist. But it’s definitely not a bad place to have some fun for a change during nighttime. From clubbing to barbecuing, Antigua’s nightlife is full of variety to ensure every night you spend here is memorable.

Nightclub and bars

Thumping music and good drinks is the typical combo that everyone looks for. And Antigua has not disappointed in providing the best place for a huge range of music to environment and drinks. Mad Goose Man (previously known as Mad Mongoose) is the bar that yachters and locals love to go to. Abracadabra Club is known for its exceptional Italian cuisine and great choices of wine. Coming here day and night will make you feel like visiting two different places!

King’s Casino

A different kind of place to enjoy your time is the King’s Casino. The place has a couple of slots and a lot of tables to please yourself with. The place is pretty quiet during the day and is livelier at night.


Instead of a wild night out, thumping music or loud noises of slot machines rocking out coins, Seabreeze is the place you want to have a quiet night with a cup of coffee next to the ocean. Seabreeze features a beautiful view of the ocean during the day and is a common gathering spot of yacht owners. They also serve great food and during the night, breath in the salty, fresh sea breeze as you sip a cup of warm coffee.

Caribbean Cinemas – Antigua Megaplex 8

Or maybe a movie night! For those of you who cannot miss your favorite movies during your vacation, Caribbean Cinemas is one of the best on the island.