Ah, Caribbean. A country that made of two beautiful islands with white sandy beach and a beautiful view of the horizon that blurs with the sea. It is rightly one of the most favorite destinations for holiday and if this is your first time or even the umpteenth time there, a guide can help you to not go wrong. Here are things you certainly shouldn’t miss once you’ve got there.

Darkwood Beach

Yes, of course. The first you certainly must do is to visit the beautiful beaches of this island. The island itself is a gem and you can never go wrong whichever beach you go to. As for Darkwood beach, the place has a lot of family activities to try out such as kayaking, snorkeling or jet skiing. Food is also nice and decently priced.

Nelson’s Dockyard

The place is not just a place to have a look at the sea and dock your ships. It is a historical site at the same time with still many yachts docking and sailing from this place. Because it’s a tourist spot, there are many restaurants, bars, and museums you can reach easily from here.

Betty’s Hope

A little bit about history on the island is provided on this particular landmark. The place was a sugar plantation where labors are being exploited to work on the land. A lot of information is provided and you will find the place intriguing a deep thought about human exploitation, equality and the dark side of human history.

Fig Tree Drive

If you are looking for a good drive on this island, yes, it exists and this is the drive you cannot miss. It’s also a road that leads to English Harbor. You will be served with beautiful scenic views and the natural plantation of figs and bananas. There are also stalls to purchase local fruits from!