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Tinman Flier

American University of Antigua (AUA) Tinman Rohr Triathlon is also known as AUA Tinman Rohr Triathlon . This sporting event is the first of its kind in Antigua, inviting athletes from around the world to come to Antigua and compete. The Antigua Tinman Competition is half-iron or middle distance triathlon which is a long distance endurance race.

SWIM. BIKE. RUN – the fourth Annual AUA Tinman Rohr Triathlon returns.

The date is Saturday March 28th at the beautiful Morris Bay Beach.



1. The 5K WALK/RUN Challenge:
Our most popular event in pure numbers! Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Fig Tree Drive rain forest or speed through to be one of the first back to Morris Bay. Whether its your first physical activity in years or your a seasoned pro there’s room for you here. Involves no swimming or cycling.

2. 6&Under Triathlon. – 5m swim, 25m bike, 25m run:
No doubt the day’s biggest crowd puller! An experimental addition in 2014, the success of this event has ensured its return. Parents are encouraged to get wet with their kids in the water and follow them right the way through the race.

3. 10&Under. 200m swim, 2k bike, 2krun:
Building our youth for the future! A long distance for the young ones but one they seem to cover with ease. Make sure your child has a strong swimming ability for this one. If they can cover the open water swim and know how to ride a bike let them give it a go and you’ll be surprised how easy they cover the distance.

4. 14&Under. 500m swim, 10k bike, 2k run:
Prepping our youth for stardom! Again the swimming ability is critical here. If they got that nailed and can ride a bike, sit back and watch them go for it. All races at this distance go off at the same time but prizes are given for age groups.

5. 18&Under. 500m swim, 10k bike, 2k run.
Stand back and give them room! It’s short for this age group. With triathlon still fairly new we’ve kept the distance small to make it easy for newcomers. In 2016 we’ll bump it up to the more commonly expected sprint distance.

6. Mini Triathlon Team. 500m swim, 10k bike, 2k run.
Teamwork is fun! Perfect for business teams, fitness groups and kids. Teams are typically made up of three persons with one person per discipline but the rules allow two person teams with one member doing two legs. If you haven’t got a full team don’t worry, sign up for the leg you want to do and we’ll find you a team.

7. Mini Triathlon Adult. 500m swim, 10k bike, 2k run.
An unforgettable experience! Can you swim, bike and run but you’ve never done a triathlon? This is the perfect way to try your first – which from all accounts you will never forget! Make sure you are comfortable in open water and be prepared for a bit of a shock as your body switches from swimming to cycling then running. Then dive in – you won’t regret it!

8. Sprint Individual. 1km swim, 18k bike, 5k run.
Race time! If you’re at anywhere from your 2nd to 2,000th triathlon but are not ready for the big one then here’s where its at for you. If you tried the mini last year and were fine then consider stepping it up. Also those with a sports background with a strong swim may consider trying this as their first triathlon.

9. Sprint Team. 1km swim, 18k bike, 5k run.
The real deal!. Typically two sets of people do this race. The nation’s best swimmers, cyclists and runners of all ages usually team up for some fast paced action that is a must see. Also its perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want a bigger challenge than the mini but aren’t too concerned with taking the win.

10. Tinman Rohr Triathlon. 2km swim, 90k bike, 21k run.
The big time!. It’s what it’s all about, the reason the race was created and the reason some of the world’s best athletes visit our shores. It may only be a half-ironman but don’t underestimate the challenge. Typically takes 4 to 8 hours but some have taken longer. Typically not recommended for first timers but they have done it. Whatever your fitness level the battle promises to be more mental than physical.

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